How to Call Back a Private Number

There is this one person who has been bothering you with a private number calls but when you try to receive the call, he or she keeps on hanging the phone. It's something people have been looking for a way to identify that lunatic person stressing you with the calls.

Here, we will show you how to find the person and call or block them completely. You shouldn't get much worried because we have a solution for you on how you can get this private number.

This is how to go about it;

Grab your phone and off the bat call the number. Don't receive any call. First thing you should do before receiving any call is dialing 69. Through this code you will be able to trace the number of that chump disturbing you. After dialing, the number of that person will be displayed on the screen's phone.

If the 69 code fails to trace the number, then you can try out other codes which include 67 and 71. They will also help you trace the number in a jiffy.

The abovementioned codes may fail to work completely in some gadgets. So the best thing you can do is calling the manufacturing company and get the codes from them. Dial the codes for the purpose of tracing that number. It will be upon you to decide whether to block them, reject their calls or call trap. The companies have a variety of options to select.

Another thing is that you can decide to hang up calls from a private number. As you can see, the process of getting the number is just a piece of cake. Don't let that person disturb you again when you can easily get rid of them.


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