Airline Passengers Undergo COVID-19 Blood Tests Before Boarding

This might be a sign of what the future has for air travelers. Emirates airline had begun carrying out coronavirus blood test on passengers before boarding at the airport in Dubai.

The first rapid Coronavirus blood tests took place at Dubai International Airport on Wednesday. All passengers boarding on a flight to Tunisia were all tested before departure.

The Dubai Health Authority recently carried out the test on all passengers at the Check-in area before they where allowed to board at the airport Terminal 3 and the test results were released within 10 minutes.

According to Emirates, this is the first airline in the world to conduct such tests.

The Chief Operating Officer of Emirates airlines, Adel Al Redha explained in a statement that they are also working on scaling up the testing capacity in the future and extending it to other flights.

According to Redha, "This will allow Emirates airline carry-out on-site tests and therefore the results of the test are going to be made available to tested passengers that are traveling to countries that needs  the coronavirus test certificates before entry."

The airline did not reveal any information regarding denial of flight to passengers who test positive to the COVID-19.


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