CORONAVIRUS: Over 20,000 Deaths Recorded in Spain

Spaniards overwhelmed as nunber of deaths passes 20,000 in Spain as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the official figures released on Saturday by the Spanish Ministry of Health.

The death percentage rise is roughly by 2.9%, which is in line with most of the last week daily result  recorded.

Spanish authorities have advised that the data may fluctuate deu to the new system of reporting cases which came into play and as testing capabilities in the country was increased. 

Early this week, the in Catalonia the cases of death from COVID-19 which was reported was revised upwards, after taking a new formula for calculating the effects of the virus.

Among Spaniards who had died from the novel virus in last 24 hours was one of Spain’s well known doctors, Jesus Vaquero. Who had head neurosurgery at the Puerta del Hierro Hospital in Madrid, and a major specialist in back surgery.


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