Nigerians Use a New Website to Check if They Have Coronavirus

Nigeria has less confirmed cases of COVID-19 among some countries in Africa and it's not taking any chances to curb the spread.
Nigerians are using a new website to check whether they are at risk of the virus.
The website was created in partnership with Pocket Patient MD and wellbeing Foundation, which helps to determine if they need to visit a coronavirus test base Centre after answering series of questions
"The motive for developing the website is to assist the Nigerian government in its effort to curb the spread of the virus," IT manager Chris Roberts of Wellbeing Foundation stated that, "We want to be a part of this by giving Nigerians a way to check if they are at risk of the coronavirus. And also, we want to link them with the right place to get treated if they are."

The site has been designed to ask users their location, and if they've recently traveled or come in contact with anyone with travel history and symptoms related to the virus to know whether or not someone needs to get tested of the virus.
As of Friday Nigeria had recorded over 452 cases of COVID-19.
Nigerians and other private organizations are also providing tools to help curb the spread.
A medical delivery company Lifebank, has also partnered with the Nigerian Institute of Medical Research to establish mobile testing areas across the country.
And tailors in Abia, in southeastern part of Nigeria, are sewing face mask and mdical live jackets with locally sourced materials for health workers and others.


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