Breaking: Not All 15 Chinese Visitors Were Medical Doctors, FG Not Aware Of Their Whereabouts

A team Chinese medical personnels arrived Nigeria with the aim of providing medical advice to the Nigerian Government on how to fight and curb the spread of COVID-19 being with them some medical supplies.

Mr Osagie Ehanire, the Minister of Health, has said he was not aware of the location of 15 Chinese medicals, who had recently came into Nigeria on the 8 of April 2020 to "help in the fight against the novel Coronavirus pandemic".

The Minister while speaking during the daily  COVID-19 Task Force briefing on Thursday however, announced that not all of the visitors earlier announced are medical personnel or have something to do with the profession. 

He said that the 15 Chinese were not medical guests of the Nigerian Government but are of the (CCECC) China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation.

Ehanire said, “I don't think all of them were medical doctors and I heard that some of them were technicians and they are staffs of China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation.

“The Ministry of Health didn't bring them to the country neither their host, so we can’t always give information of what happened to them or their whereabouts. There seems to be a lot of attentiveness in these doctors. But they are the staffs of CCECC and I think  they are on a company's visa. 

“But so far we've been able to learn some things from them via the conversations we've had with them from their experience in China and they told us by sharing ideas on what their country did to  manage the Coronavirus.”


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