CORONAVIRUS: Dubai Returnees Protest as Government Tries to Test Them

The Lagos State Commissioner for Health, Prof. Akin Abayomi, on Wednesday, face some difficulties with Dubai returnees who organised a protest at a hotel in Lekki where they were quarantined. 

The returnees questioned the commissioner for briefing the press on Tuesday that one of them died of coronavirus.

They said it was that it was the negligence of the government that led to the death of the returnee.

One of the returnees told the press "that the Lagos Health Commissioner paid us a visit  and we confronted him for telling the press one of us died yesterday, meanwhile the person that died had a surgery in Dubai and he returned to the country on a wheelchair.

“But he was neglected and no medical attention was given to him in critical condition, instead they decided to leave him with us in the isolation centre for two days which worsened his condition. It was after his condition got worse they had him taken to a hospital where he gave up the ghost. Instead the commissioner told the public he had died of coronavirus.

“When the commissioner was confronted he said he was misquoted by the press".

The returnees also complained about the quality of food given to them, adding that it was not good for human consumption.

“I cannot feed my dog with the kind of food they serve us food,” one of them said.

However the angry returnees said they would not be tested untill they have an improved welfare.

The commissioner rushed into his car and drove off when the evacuees brought out their phones to record him while he was trying to tell them not to do so, but he objected.


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